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Benefits of Boarding

Boarding at Perkiomen School prepared me for college both academically and socially. 
At Perkiomen I developed study skills, learned how to keep myself on task, and juggle multiple activities. 
Socially, Perkiomen prepared me for residential life and living in a dorm.
I had a strong understanding of how to successfully live away from home and how to access resources when you need them.

Halle Brown '17 | NASA Intern | Smith College '21 | Avionics Test Engineer, Astra Space

Boarding Basics

I'm ready to learn more.


Welcome to Boarding School!


Interested in learning more about Boarding School? 
Ready for a conversation? 

Talk with your family about what will be important if you explore a boarding school education.


Not sure where to begin? Start with these questions. The answers will provide the foundation for finding the best fit for your family. 

  • Are you passionate about a particular subject or field?
  • Have you set a goal for college or beyond? 
  • Are you seeking independence, but still value a weekend spent at home?
  • Do you welcome new ideas and fresh perspectives?
  • Are you ambitious and set high expectations?
  • Could you benefit from additional support or mentorship?
  • Do you value ambition, innovation, hard work and cooperation?


Perkiomen School students have similar values.   We invite you to get to know us better. 



Students in a Boarding School setting are 78% more likely to feel confident in college and beyond, compared to just 23% of public school students. 


What does it mean to risk becoming your best?

Perkiomen School is a safe and welcoming environment where students are celebrated for who they are and inspired to become the best version of themselves.

Ready to see it for yourself?  Join us in-person and visit our 185-acre campus in Pennsburg, PA, just one hour from Philadelphia and two hours from New York City.  



What is the value of an independent school education?

You have many options when it comes to education:  public or private, day or boarding, online or in-person. 

Understanding what an independent school has to offer can be the first step in determining if it is the right choice for your family.   We invite you to explore our new e-book, The Value of an Independent School Education: 5 Reasons It's Worth It.  


Here's what our parents are saying:

"Our son, who has always been very diligent and high achieving, specifically commented on the growth in his approach to learning that has developed during this past semester. He is thoroughly enjoying the intellectual engagement and challenges of his studies on top of the development he is getting with his coach and and training staff. We are delighted to see his enthusiasm for school, basketball, and his teammates. Thank you." 


"We are new to the Perkiomen School family but I'm continually impressed with the quality of the school environment and experience. They have amazing and dedicated faculty that truly strive to encourage kids to develop into the best version of themselves. The leadership and forethought through this time is impressive."


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Cover of The Value of an Independent School Education with Perkiomen School students

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Explore our helpful guide and learn the 5 reasons why an Independent School education is worth the investment. 

Have some questions?  Contact our Admissions Team - we are happy to discuss the benefits and options! 


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On campus, via phone, Zoom, or Skype - our Admissions Team can't wait to meet you.  Get to know Perkiomen School in whatever way is comfortable for your family.