Finding Your Niche

You've decided that Perkiomen School is right for you. Now what?

Perkiomen is home to many students, faculty, and staff from many walks of life. Perhaps you already know someone who goes to school here. Maybe you don't know anyone. We're here to help you transition to life at Perkiomen from day one.

How do we do that?

Well, you've already chatted with your admissions director, so you know one person! He or she will be on hand when you register in August, making sure that you feel welcome and know where to go. Faculty are here to walk you through your class schedule, your dorm room if you're a boarder, and the buildings on campus that you'll soon know like the back of your own hand.

You'll also be assigned an advisor right away. An advisor is a faculty or staff member who will be your adult go-to person. He or she will meet with you and the rest of your advisor group at minimum once a week. You'll talk through announcements, trips, goals, classroom challenges, and everything else throughout the year. If you have questions, meeting with your advisor is your first step. Depending on the number of students in your advisor group, you'll now know anywhere from 3-9 additional students.

If you're living in a dorm, your dorm parent will welcome you to the place that will be your home base all year. There are numerous dorm parents on campus, which means that there is at least one on duty in your dorm at all times. You might have a roommate, and with over half of Perkiomen School's students living on campus, you're about to meet a lot of new people.

Day students are welcomed in the same way. While you do not have an assigned dorm, there are common areas on campus where you can meet up with friends, study, and be an integral part of our school. Day students often stay for dinner and study with friends who happen to board here. You can partake in any and all activities, even on weekends!

Okay. You're on campus. School has begun. So how do you REALLY fit in?

One, get involved! If there is a trip, go! If someone is holding a study session, check it out! Try sitting with new people in the dining hall every day. Find a club or activity that interests you, and get to know the other students who hold similar interests.

Two, ask for suggestions! Your advisor, dorm parent, and teachers are all here to help you out. We're all in the same family and are ready to help you transition. If you are looking for a pickup game of basketball or just are looking for a group of friends who are kind of like you, we can help. Really! Don't be afraid to just ask. We've all been the new student before.

Three, don't stay in your room all of the time. Sometimes it can be comforting to have a day to yourself, playing video games, watching Netflix, or reading a good book. But try to push yourself to explore Perkiomen outside of your small dorm room. Engage with students from other countries. Explore the boroughs of Pennsburg and East Greenville. Take a walk with a friend!