Successful Students

Successful students will learn to communicate clearly, solve problems, use information critically and acquire knowledge in core disciplines. They will understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, engage in opportunities beyond the classroom, and approach their work with college goals in mind.

In accordance with our mission and philosophy and the notion that Perkiomen prepares students by working to their individual strengths while supporting areas that need improvement, we have adopted the following goals for our students. These goals represent attributes Perkiomen seeks to instill in each graduate while they prepare for college and life in a global society.

During their time at Perkiomen, students gain the ability to:

  1. Communicate clearly
    • Read and analyze complex materials
    • Develop and use critical, analytical, expository, and creative writing skills
    • Listen sensitively and provide constructive feedback
    • Speak articulately in class and in public settings
    • Understand and appreciate art —music, theater, creative writing, visual arts —as a means of personal and creative expression
    • Speak and understand at least one language besides their native tongue
  2. Identify and solve problems
    • Recognize and interpret mathematical problems
    • Understand and utilize the scientific method
    • Appreciate and evaluate the problems faced by the artist, writer, historian, and the social scientist in his or her work.
    • Ask incisive questions and think critically when solving problems
  3. Access and utilize information critically
    • Act as self-motivated, inquiry based researchers
    • Use appropriate tools —media, technology, and others – to access information
    • Develop the ability to locate, understand, evaluate, and synthesize information
    • Utilize all resources available through libraries, faculty, and electronic sources
    • Develop the ability to assess the validity and importance of information
  4. Acquire knowledge in core disciplines through various teaching and learning strategies
    • Work independently and collaboratively
    • Participate actively in classroom discussions, debates, projects, presentations
    • Engage faculty and peers with analytical questions and incisive discussion
    • Seek knowledge for a better understanding of the human condition
    • Develop an appreciation for the aesthetic in arts, humanities, math, and science
    • Seek out peers whose desire to learn is equal to or greater than theirs
    • Develop a keen understanding of cultures, language, traditions, religions, and locations other than their own
    • Risk being their best through academic inquiry and a dedication to hard work
  5. Understand and appreciate the importance of physical fitness and maintaining a healthy life
    • Actively engage in teambuilding
    • Pursue good sportsmanship
    • Develop a sense of fair play
    • Strive for a healthy lifestyle
  6. Engage in all that a college preparatory school has to offer beyond the classroom
    • Take full advantage of clubs and programs that engage your interest
    • Join weekend programs to cultural destinations in New York City and Philadelphia
    • Support your peers at athletic competitions, concerts, and exhibitions
    • Volunteer for community service beyond the 24-hour requirement
    • Build life-long friendships with faculty and peers from the global community
  7. Approach the work required at Perkiomen School with the knowledge and understanding that it is preparing students for a college of a their choice.
    • Take each and every day seriously, with the knowledge that every term of each academic year is important in the college admission process
    • Seek out faculty, advisors, and peers for extra help and academic support
    • Develop the self-awareness to know when review and extra work are necessary
    • Utilize every resource available to aid in their success
    • Set and achieve realistic goals, always seeking improvement
    • Learn for the sake of learning

The document "What Successful Students do at Perkiomen School" is not wholly original. It is based on best practices documents such as those created by the national Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and other organizations that support schools.